Cloud Computing Services

From Hassle free Accessibility to Unlimited storage, we have everything.

Setting up an IT software enterprise can be a humongous and costly task if you are thinking of setting up an on-premise IT service and deployment infrastructure. To avoid such tedious installation Akarmaxs offers you excellent on-demand cloud computing services to companies and customers which include:

Minimizing up-front IT infrastructure cost and capital expenditures.

Maintenance-free IT server computation services.

High capacity power delivery in periods of peak demand.

High-security computation with disaster data recovery.

Enhanced resource manageability.

Burst computing capability.

Addressing quality of service problems, reliability problems.

Affordable and faster scaling between IaaS, PaaS, SaaS service models

Modern AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, etc. platform-based computation for developing, testing,and monitoring cloud service resources.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing with Akarmaxs means profitable business with the industry's highest returns on investments. Akarmaxs has a full-time dedicated unit of cloud service experts to deliver you the optimal cloud computing infrastructure, software applications, data security, and many more such services which are listed below:


Objective-oriented cloud computing

Akarmaxs helps you identify the ideal cloud services, operating models, cloud strategies based on your short-term and long-term business requirements. Thereby avoiding any unnecessary software scaling changes, deployment mode changes. Finally ensuring a graceful switch to cloud services with our customized cloud computing tools, frameworks, strategies.

Demand-based cloud service


IT infrastructure, platform, and software are crucial factors for daily transactions and future projects of a computing firm. Akarmaxs provides affordable, rapid, maintenance-free, robust, agile, performance-backed, needs-based cloud infrastructure design and deployment to meet diverse computing requirements spanning from hybrid, public and private deployment clouds to network capacity building with well-defined software infrastructure, automation, and consistent deployment. For expert Cloud Iaas, PaaS, SaaS-based services we employ AWS, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and more for seamless cloud computing development and deployment.


Cloud Automation

Akarmaxs provides effortless automated resource creation, modification, and removal from the cloud. Akarmaxs utilizes personalized expertise and specialized tools and capabilities offered by public cloud vendors (AWS/Azure), private cloud platforms (OpenStack and Cloud Foundry). Along with third-party cloud tools for cloud environments (Kubernetes, Chef, Cloudify, Puppet). Automated cloud computation with Akarmaxs gives you cloud computation which:

Cloud Guarding Service


Avoiding security and compliance threats and can be a demanding task. If not done by a robust, proactive, vigilant cloud security service provider. At Akarmaxs, customer cloud security is at the top priority to ensure scalable, automated, cost-effective cloud security across complex native, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. Our cloud security services include:


Cloud Data Solutions

Eliminate extensive upfront spending on installation and managing of data storage infrastructure. Akarmaxs provides you industry best cloud data storage with:
At Akarmaxs by analyzing current data setup and capacity. Our specialized cloud data team develops a data strategy based on business requirements, opted cloud services, data architecture, and future objectives. Akarmaxs employs object storage for storing and recovering data from all over the internet. Blob storage for bulk data storage and scalability also unified object storage to store and access data on a GCP infrastructure.

Platform-powered cloud services


Akarmaxs enables your business to leverage the most out of the capabilities provided by advanced state-of-the-art cloud platforms. Akarmaxs has an industry-specific understanding of platform value and potential. We boast an extensive association with multiple cloud service platforms including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Adobe, and many such major top-performing platforms. Akarmaxs has a wide range of expertise in generating real value through optimized platform capabilities and potential. Akarmaxs offers the expertise, experience, tools, and intelligent automated strategy and architecture based on Oracle Autonomous platform cloud services. Synchronized to work in multi-cloud environments with automated full database management lifecycle for native oracle cloud.