E-mail Marketing Services

SEO is our game changer service which we are known for nationwide and even overseas. All the online campaigns and marketing strategies are affected by SEO. It’s a dream goal for all brands/businesses to rank higher in online searches and in this day and age where there are hundreds and thousands of options in every field, it’s really hard to rank higher without proper and effective SEO.
The magic SEO cannot be compared to paid ads. At Akarmaxs we have a well-driven team of SEO analysts and specialists that have been doing SEO for a decade now, they’ve made sure they keep developing the skill, keep up with the market trends as SEO keeps on growing with new changes every now and then.

Get excellent E-Mail Marketing services from the industry expert Akarmaxs. To give your business the digital edge in this digital world

Some popular Email Marketing services we provide

Email Newsletters

We use these to send various customers some helpful knowledge on tools or technology and value to their faith. Along with this, we can also send them new services/ products launched and give them more information on it.

Acquisition Emails

Sending them more personalized offers to convert the leads that have opted for emails into customers is what acquisition emails are. This clears out the conversion funnels faster and helps the brand reach its goals within no time.

Retention Emails

What we do here is send clients some sort of feedback forms, make them interact with your business, talk about some issues maybe and build some interest in this. This campaign always helps a brand to retain its best customers and make sure you never lose them.

Promotional Emails

Here we directly promote the brand and drive sales, signups, etc. We also send rewards and other exciting offers so that they further promote our word via word of mouth. This way we target the people with the highest intends which further means that conversion rates are higher.