Search Engine Optimization

SEO is our game changer service which we are known for nationwide and even overseas. All the online campaigns and marketing strategies are affected by SEO. It’s a dream goal for all brands/businesses to rank higher in online searches and in this day and age where there are hundreds and thousands of options in every field, it’s really hard to rank higher without proper and effective SEO.
The magic SEO cannot be compared to paid ads. At Akarmaxs we have a well-driven team of SEO analysts and specialists that have been doing SEO for a decade now, they’ve made sure they keep developing the skill, keep up with the market trends as SEO keeps on growing with new changes every now and then.

Get excellent Search Engine Optimization services from the industry expert Akarmaxs. To give your business the digital edge in this digital world

Different types of SEO services we provide are

On-Page SEO

Here we entirely put our brains and tactics on optimizing the written and visible content over the websites. The goal is to make your website more usable and valuable to users to improve your rankings in various search engines.

Off-Page SEO

Here we concentrate on everything that falls outside your website in playing a crucial part when it comes to ranking your website on top in search engines. Most of it contains building attractive and relevant links.

Technical SEO

Here we deal with other aspects of the SEO that involves page speed, canonical URLs, Schemas, SSL, and many more elements that help the SERPS understand your website content properly.

Local SEO

Here we deal with optimizing your website to appear in relevant local search results. For example location-based or regional-based. This is most advantageous for local businesses.

ECommerce SEO

Optimizing an e-commerce website with proper keywords that have a buying intent and making sure it works out well in ranking too, is what we do here.

Keyword Research

A keyword is an extensively used service too because everyone finds their keywords online for free, but if everyone is doing this then does that mean all of them are getting ranked higher? No, right. Keyword research is an art that needs a lot of market research and has a proper working procedure that our analysts do it within no time.

SEO Audits

We conduct an overly sensitive SEO audit that rarely is done by other firms. Evaluating what's working and what isn't from your already existing website, predicting future results, and drawing a perfectly planned solution is everything we do in here.