Social Media Marketing

To be very honest, Social Media Marketing is what makes the entire umbrella term “Digital Marketing” famous and worth investing in even though all its metrics work in an improper way that leads to great advances. Targeting becomes so easy and adverse here that any business can find a community and make big bucks with just brand building and advocacy on social media platforms. At akarmaxs, we have geniuses as SMM who at a given time always know what’s trending in which platform and how can we ride on it to sell our product/service.
From planning out an outstanding Social Media Calendar to doing extensive hashtags research, from finding out optimum posting days, times to writing sellable descriptions and captions. There is no such thing our SMM team can’t pull off. Especially when it comes to engagement and building audience/followers it was very crucial to do it and do it the right way, a skill that cannot be taught to everyone. There is so much to SMM that we can write pages and you won’t stop reading about it.

Get excellent Social Media Marketing services from the industry expert Akarmaxs. To give your business the digital edge in this digital world

Organic Social Media Services


We use these to send various customers some helpful knowledge on tools or technology and value to their faith. Along with this, we can also send them new services/ products launched and give them more information on it.


When we talk about instagram it’s just the same as Facebook but here the target audience is much younger and the content needs to be more trendy and original. That’s what we thrive at looking for, at Akarmaxs our content writers, copywriters and social media writing team know what works and how it works for your brand. They know the journey of a post even before it’s posted. They predict the insights and make sure your brand stands above all competitors.


Twitter’s game is altogether different, it’s hard to find and recognize an audience and secondly it’s hard to reach them with your posts. We write relatable tweets every day for you keeping in the mind, the ongoing trending topics and hashtags, etc. Apart from this we also re-tweet with a quirky smart line that grabs attention from more people. Leave it to the experts to sit back and enjoy your brand growth.


LinkedIn is a virtual corporate world that has its own niche downed communities whose goals are well set and never change in near future. From employees to managers, from entrepreneurs to CEO’s everyone has their own story and reason as to why they use LinkedIn. So making connections and running on them appropriately is the key here. And we have that key engraved in our dedicated LinkedIn team who work on sales navigator and run daily researches on LinkedIn to provide the best service to the clients.

Paid Ads Management

Facebook Ads

A large platform where almost all the businesses and brands can find their audience already existing but it’s difficult for everyone to niche down. Akarmaxs does it with ease and knows all the Facebook metrics, insights, and smart hacks. Our services involve everything from opening a new Facebook account to creating a business page, from building relevant followers to doing engagement. From writing content to designing creatives and finally posting them on traffic-free times, we do everything.

Now when it comes to Facebook ads, Our ads management team has dived itself into years of audience learning, location scouting, interests, and activities holding to run your ads as smooth and as specific as possible.We always send all the ad campaigns with the above industry standards CTR, ROI, impressions, clicks, and every other metric that hold campaigns’ success.We always curate trending and out of the box content after a market study We run A/B tests to find out campaign types and studies Prepare Monthly and weekly reports Optimize performances to reduce ads cost

Facebook Ads

Instagram has millennials and the right audience for start-ups and other products/services that need a smart selling audience. Our Instagram game is strong, we know the algorithm and all the tactics that make an Instagram account get tremendous reach and impressions. Just like Facebook, Instagram has its own niche and community that needs special attention in every aspect.

When it comes to ads, we take a different approach along with what we do in Ads Manager. The Boost feature which we leverage into getting more likes and engagement for the entire account itself.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is also another clean slate social media channel where brands can run effective ads. With 310 million monthly active users, you just cannot sit back and ignore twitter. With twitter you reach out to thousands of unique customers and followers who might not be on other platforms. Our ads management team keeps up to date with twitter ads as well and makes sure you don’t miss out in spreading the word even there.

Twitter ads can be more specific and hit the right nerve of your audience. On an average every 4 out of 10 twitter users open twitter more than twice a day, so this is something brand neglect all the time. Most importantly “Viral Marketing” spreads like wild fire on twitter and if your brand is not riding on that trend and turning it around your advantage then let us do that job for you.

Linkedin Ads

It is said that about 680 million users are on linkedIn platform and almost everyone uses it for professional purposes. Nobody opens linkedIn for a meme or a joke. If an ad perfectly hits all the boxes then why shouldn’t a brand run it’s ad here.

A company has an opportunity to engage and target prospects by various job titles, skill sets, company names, industry etc which makes us really easy to have successful ad runs. We also run LinkedIn ads for lead generations or direct conversions and here the ads game is completely different as the audience is different, objectives are different etc.

Advertising can become a real deal for any company which wants immediate lead generations or conversions on the go. Our team has an overall experience in running all kinds of ads for all kinds of industries

Pinterest Ads

We have a wide range of teams that work on visual designs and handles images best social media platform Pinterest that is a world filled with creativity and graphics and photography. If well used and well connected, one can really boost their business.

Social Media Audit

Already have a set of social media accounts? Not sure about its reach, engagement ratio, followers index? Want to optimize them down to your industry and niche?

We at Akarmaxs being social media experts in every platform conduct a pin-to-pin Social Media Audit using various tools, comparing with industry standards and competitors. Aligning all the insights and metrics together to have a thorough run down, conduct various experiments, optimize posts, etc.

How social media audit will help you?
How social media audit will help you?